And now, for more of the same

We’ve slacked on all of the Trump travesties recently, but we saw this and it should be a pretty good “catch all”.

176 Reasons

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Please don’t vote for Jill Stein – says ex Nader voter.

Jill Stein seems nice, but this is the second article that I’ve seen that makes the case that she doesn’t understand economics.

Jill Stein doesn’t understand economics

She will only take votes away from Hillary.  No way the noobs would vote for her anyway.

Please don’t vote for Jill Stein – says ex Nader voter.

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The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Well we’ve had quite a time since the Republican Convention.

We’ve had the Democratic Convention which was a rousing, yay America whoopla filled with excellent speeches.  Michelle Obama’s stood out for me.  Many people held out Barack Obama’s as the most noteworthy.

There were many which soared including Joe Biden’s ” that’s a bunch of malarkey” speech.

Also earning a mention was Michael Bloomberg, an erstwhile Republican who tore down Donald Trump’s credibility as a businessman as well as a billionaire.

Hillary and Bill gave speeches which were hoped to be more inspirational, but worked positively just the same.    She got a bigger bump 7-9% than Trump did which was about 4 points.

But he took the bait and for about 5 days after the Democrats convention he picked a verbal fight with the muslim family of a Gold Star soldier who challenged him on the constitution.

More recently Donald Trump suggested that if Hillary wins, there goes the supreme court, unless maybe the “2nd amendment” people have something to say about it.  It was a suggestion of assassination, and finally CNN and Twitter and other sources began to hold him to account for outrageous words.

He of course denied that he suggested she be assassinated.

Next he stated, repeatedly and over a couple of days, that President Obama “founded” ISIS.   When challenged on it.  He repeated it, and yet again.   Later he said he was being sarcastic.

Its not sarcasm. Its outrageous.

He has a way, when he is speaking spontaneously, of packing a lot of phrases, into a paragraph, that suggest evil things, but are hard to pin down because he doesn’t make sentences.

Its evil.  Its dangerous.

He’s also suggested that the election is rigged which opens the possiblity of armed revolt if he doesn’t win.

I don’t think he really wants to win.  He won’t, according to reports from shows such as Morning Joe, follow advice and goes off script unless he has a caretaker from his small campaign right there with him.

50  (I believe I heard it was up to 70) Republican national security policy officials have written a letter suggesting that people should not vote for the standard bearer of their party.  Trump is too dangerous.

She is gaining in the polls in states that have typically gone Republican in recent years.

We could have a landslide election.  There are many people that are going to Trump rallies and they are passionate.  We could have a revolution.

We’re ready for it to all be over.

We need to keep our election processes under a year in function.  After all a House member’s term is only 2 years.

Now we have The Olympics.  Next we’ll have the debates.

Later … we’ll have a revolution?

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An answer to Emmett Rensin

An answer to Emmett Rensin

Its interesting.  And he has a point.  Some of it describes me.   I’m certainly a John Stewart fan.  And like a true smug liberal I want to tell Emmett what he doesn’t know.  What he couldn’t have learned except by living through the Nixon Administration, the Vietnam War, and the Reagan Revolution in which each of them held sway by a similar but conservative smug wall of superiority because they had morality, and they had patriotism.
The leftists and the hippies were lazy and morally bankrupt.
There’s a theory in political science that each side (left and right not Republican and Democrat) has a rise for about (I forget if it is 20 or 30 years) I think its 20.
During the Reagan era the smugness was all on the right side.  They were moral, they were the true Americans.
This interesting article didn’t address the ultra rich, or finance much in general.  But we remember when the party in power suggested that there was no need to regulate finance (and yes, Bill Clinton was involve with the removal of Glass-Steagall).  We’ve found smugness at the top of the earnings chain.  And I don’t know, really, which political direction the super wealthy lean.  Ok I expect they’re righties.  But many live in NY and NYC is filled with lefties.
But they told us “The market will take care of itself”
I just found this:
Over the past decade, a number of prominent scholars on agency theory, most notably Professors Michael Jensen and William Meckling, have argued, in effect, that mistrust and the risk of being taken are inherent in much of what takes place in securities markets. And they have concluded that private initiatives, taken in reaction to the harsh realities of these markets, probably provide a much firmer basis for public confidence in the markets than government regulation. They say that long before the S.E.C. was founded, companies were hiring auditors, purchasing fidelity bonds, using investment bankers and lawyers and doing things to give investors the confidence they needed to commit funds.
My point in all this is that the other side does it too.  Have you ever been included in an 9 layers deep re-mail of a right wing email about President Obama or Hillary Clinton?  They’re hardly polite.  I think its fair to say they’re smug.  They accuse the liberals of being “Communists, Socialists (which they think is shocking) as well as being stupid and immoral.  They are hardly polite.
Nixon ran his failing and corrupt (that’s not an opinion) administration on the backs of “The Silent Majority”.  He started the drug war, and while he signed the EPA bill, he fought it every step of the way.  I recall those news stories about smoke stacks and air warnings even as I grew up in the shadow of a coal ash smokestack.
Reagan scoffed at the term Liberal.  And the week kneed liberals caved in when Reagan made fun of them and started calling themselves progressives.   
“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” said Barry Goldwater as early as 1964, when he was opposing Civil Rights legislation.  16 years later Reagan followed that leader into the White House where he immediately started breaking unions and arming anti communists all over the world.
Meanwhile he let gays die by the thousands by ignoring the greatest health crisis of his time.  The people that got it deserved it the middle class whites would say.
I could go on and on with intellectual and moral failings by the right wingers but I would only be proving the author’s point more.
My point is that while the left is smug, the right has been smug on moral superiority grounds since 1964, and it was none other than Nixon (IMHO) who is responsible for the destruction of comity in our Supreme Court process.
I talked all the time with several conservative member’s of the union that worked at our factory.   Some, I thought were hypocrites because they bitched about poor people taking public services, while at least two of them I talked with were receiving social benefits like medicaid and food stamps while complaining about government hand outs.  I also actually learned a real fact that I had wrong about economics, from another Conservative (another member of a labor union) who explained the relationship between the debt and the deficit too me.  *(something I should have known.  If you’re going to be smug, at leas be correct!)
So … here’s the thing.  Both sides are smug.  Both sides have facts.  Both sides dismiss the other as idiots.  Believe me (as Donald Trump would say).  If you’ve ever been included in a right wing email chain you’ll recognize that they have no regard for liberals!
I worry that we American’s don’t talk across lines anymore.  I try to talk to anyone who disagrees with me.  And yes, I try to use facts, which are available to both sides.
Only I’m happy to change my mind if proven wrong.
And I still think Donald Trump is a threat to humanity (I know that sounds like hyperbole).  And I definitely think he can win.
Next time you see a Trump supporter, ask him what it would take to make him change his mind.  You might also ask him what he thinks of Hillary Clinton.  See if you recognize disdain.  See if you hear smugness!~
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3 Nominees, No Government

We must note, that the Brexit vote came and went.   Separating the UK from the EU took a couple of months.  Within a week or two the UK had selected a new Prime Minister and several governmental changes followed.

Meanwhile in the US we’ve rounded the corner and have finished our first year of the 2016 campaign, though indeed it is only tomorrow going to be August.  Roughly 100 days till the election.

The “Tea Party” wing of the Republican Party has, as a large goal, been set on governing less, which leans toward a Libertarian model, when what they really want is a return to an imagined time when they were safe and people did what they were supposed to do.  This is known as the good old days.

Reading Dahlia Lithwick’s piece on the hagiographic reviews of the life of the late Justice Scalia, Dahlia Lithwick and how the Republicans celebrated a lack of a decision by the split court in US v Texas as a massive victory, and how really it was anything but, it occurs to us that considering the current relative stagnation of the court, combined with the intransigence of the Tea Party wing of the Republicans and the interminable campaign, the Tea Party has essentially achieved a lot of what the Libertarians want.  Governing least!

I doubt that the Tea Party is interested in achieving non-governance, though that’s what they’ve wrought.  I think they’d prefer a more Trumpian, 1950’s approach to social constructions where the bad guys lose and the people can still discriminate against who they want.  (Which actually is a Libertarian ideal.)  Only they get to decide who’s bad.

For the past 6 years they (the Tea Party) has stopped the President from signing almost any legislation (excepting a highway bill of which a greater version is necessary).

Most of our governance has been written by the Supreme Court though it hasn’t always worked out in favor of the conservatives (i.e. Fisher v Texas, Whole Woman’s Health v Cole ).  Whole Women’s Health v Hellerstadt Oyez on Twitter

It is true that the court has passed some 5 member victories for the liberals but the process of governing has ground to a standstill.

At least in Great Britain they make their governmental decisions quickly (albeit mistakenly in the case of Brexit) and move on.

In the US, we must find a way to govern, and that looks unlikely until such time as the gerrymandered safe districts from 2010 are reconstructed.  That may take till 2030 with a Democratic victory unless Trump wins and wrecks the place so badly the Dem’s take over in 2020 when the next redistricting happens.

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Fish and GIF

How to spell “fish” (GOTHI)


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“Tonight’s Installment Is About Fear”

Nicole Wallace issued the above statement, regarding the first night of this Republican Convention on NBC just now.

A vote was defeated to unbind all delegates, which would have afforded the insurrectionists a last chance to keep Donald Trump from being the official Republican nominee.  In three nights, he will become just that.

Recently there were shootings of two armed, but licensed black men, who were stopped by police in Baton Rouge and in Minnesota, in a city called Falcon Heights.

A couple of nights later a shooter murdered five cops and wounded 6 more in Dallas during a #BlackLivesMatter peaceful protest.

Two days ago, a Black Independence Movement activist murdered 3 cops in Baton Rouge.

Last week, in Nice, France, 84 people were murdered when a man drove a truck into a crowd during a celebration.

People are on edge.

Tonight’s first night of the Republican National Convention has been spent ravaging the record of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  She has been blamed for individual crimes perpetrated by people who crossed the border illegally and by terrorists in Libya.

So after all the rousing scares, Mr Trump’s 3rd wife, Melania on Twitter  is giving her speech (Twitter) in favor of her husband.  She is doing a fine job of saying nice things about her husband.  So far not mentioning the two older women that The Donald has gotten rid of in favor of herself.   However she is acquitting herself honorably and vows to work in favor of women’s and children’s health.  Who could argue with that?

She appeared with dignity and poise, something that some say she hasn’t always done Melania’s downside .

But she didn’t scare anyone, so that makes her a win for Trump.

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