So they voted … and UK leaves the EU

Experts on TV say it will take to years to unwind the ties between the two.  The £ lost 10 percent of its value vs the $ today.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 610.

CNBC digs in!

It seems to me that it was a foolish choice by British Prime Minister David Cameron, to offer a referendum at all.  They say it was to placate a right wing challenge to his power in a recent vote.  Now there is speculation that Scotland may want to rejoin the EU and possibly leave the UK.

Some British experts are deciding the implications on PBS right now.   Someone suggested that the manufacturing people in a “LEAVE” area who make Nissan cars, will have hurt themselves by voting “leave” and making it harder for their employers to sell their products to the EU they just voted to break with!

This may break up the UK!  Some say it could break up the EU!  And the immigrants the Brits are afraid of turn out to be Poles!

[yes, too many !!!s]

The troubling implication is that the conservative, older, anti immigrant voters decided to dump the EU and those older white conservative voters in the US, are likely to vote for Trump in our election!

If right wingers vote like right wingers, this may be predictive for us.

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Today’s A Big Day (The beginning of the end?)

An international enemy, run by sick sadistic people under the guise of a peaceful religion.

Fighting a brutal dictator (aren’t they all).  And the last country we broke is now carved into segments fighting the same dictator AND his enemies and trying to repress a native minority.

An unpopular pseudo incumbent Democratic Politician fighting against a pathological Republican businessman and “reality” TV star for the Presidency of the United States!

The U.S. involved militarily in more countries than we can count, just in the middle east, after several of them have had “color” revolutions followed by resurging strong men leaders.

And, now, from our strongest ally a move to break away from their economic partners in Europe.  Tomorrow’s plebiscite in the UK will decide if the UK, with its already unique and special status within the EU, will vote to see if they want to break away from the rest of the European Union.    Wall St Journal on what could happen

This may cause oil rich (and never really friendly to “a bunch of wankers” (Trainspotting) Scotland, to break with the UK and re-attach to Europe.

Would Wales follow?  Are we looking at the end of the United Kingdom? How will that affect our strongest alliances?

They say every 20 years we have a war, but a major revolution, possibly even a World War, hasn’t happened in 70 years!

Political unions can be a cause of war.  Can dis-uniting cause peace?

Big news tomorrow!

BrexitWatch on Twitter


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Donald Trump can’t handle the world

June 20, 2016 (S0lstice)

I see him as impulsive, vain, and not real bright. I’ve heard him described as always punching back. I fear he will perceive a personal slight, that may or may not be real, and try to use the US Military for his personal vengeance, bringing about a military, international or constitutional crisis. Europe is being flooded with refugees, it may lose Great Britain (and the UK may break up as it is) There is a 2 country war in Syria/Iraq, that the US doesn’t want to fight, but which the world is looking to us to lead. I have friend’s who had kids over there. It looks like a stronger US presence in Syria could improve the situation, but this is on the heels of two wars totalling 15 years. Our blood and treasure is too limited for this volatile person, who is unfit intellectually and emotionally, to serve. An entangled war which includes, Turkey, the Kurds, Iraqi Shiites, Iraq Sunni radicals, Saudi oil and money, Syrian Shiites, sick Sunni extremists, a destroyed ancient civilization in as well as a destroyed modern state both in Syria, 4 million refugees and Russia, just at the start, is far too complicated for this self aggrandizing impulsive, intellectual lightweight. We have the prescription for WWIII here and we need Churchill not Benny Hill to deal with it all. Hillary is at least a grown up.

(edited for spelling 6/24/16)

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In Re Trump and President Obama

According to “Morning Joe” Trump is trying to associate President Obama with the shooter in Orlando.

Trump inferred this in his non sentence way, that there was some kind of association between the two.

And there is this from Regarding John Kasich’s disavowal of Trump.

When I asked him about Trump’s reaction to Orlando, he didn’t bother calibrating.

“’Terrible,” he told me. “Terrible. It’s not the way you operate as a leader. Terrible. ‘I told you so’? What’s the magic of that? You know, who doesn’t know we are vulnerable to radical Islam? Everyone knows we are vulnerable to it.

“And then,” Kasich went on, “to somehow insinuate that the president of the United States accepts this or condones this, it’s just outrageous.'”

Perhaps this event, is the bridge too far, at which some of us have been longing for Trump to arrive.

The hope being that when he gets there, people, (Republicans) will leave him.

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Hate crime of war

Regarding the shootings in Orlando this past Sunday:

If let’s say, a war surplus dealer, was selling a bomb, that could kill or wound a hundred people at one time …

A hundred people!

we would ban that! This event was so horrific, nobody even mentions the wounded. He shot over a hundred people.

This was a hate crime of war. And it was conducted with a weapon of war.


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I fell behind

The New York primary came and went.    Hillary won among the Democrats and Trump won among the Republicans.

Bernie competed closely.

Then the Indiana primary came and went and several more out west including California.

Trump, after accusing Ted Cruz’ father of possibly being in on the Kennedy assassination (you wouldn’t be allowed to make this stuff up if you were writing fiction) won!  He won everything.  Cruz and Kasich quickly fell out of the race and withdrew.

Bernie continued to win caucus states and Hillary continued to win closed voting states.  She won California and just before that the AP declared her the official “presumptive nominee”.   A title which she claimed for herself after the California (and 3 other) votes.

Tomorrow is the DC vote.  The last one.

Hillary has met with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who has been raging against Trump in speeches and on Twitter.  (This is, for me, the first real Twitter election).  Trump has been tweeting, poorly spelled (really, honestly, poorly spelled) often times inchoherent and childish tweets which seem to do some damage to this opponents as do his childish name calling attempts which seem to land.  And so Lyin’ Ted Cruz, and Little Marco Rubio have fallen and Trump tried out Crazy Bernie and of course Crooked Hillary.   The man is a 5 year old.  This he was accused of being by CNN interviewer Anderson Cooper after Trump said “… he started it” when Trump was asked about an opponent.  Cooper said, “With all due respect (cf Angie Tribeca send up of that comment on just politician’s in general) … with all due respect, that’s the answer of a 5 year old!”  Perfect.

And now we’ve had a Wacko/Muslim/Anti – Gay worst mass shooting (Sunday June 12th) in Orlando FL where someone purported to pledge allegiance to ISIL has murdered 49 people and wounded another 53 in a predominantly gay night club.

The tweets are out again.  Trump saying something like “I told you so” and Mrs Clinton being more reserved saying something more measured and careful.

Bernie hasn’t dropped out of the race, but he seems to have cooled his jets and has made nice photo ops with the president and Senate leaders and despite several attempts to prompt him to run as a third party, Mr Trump has had no success and Bernie will campaign for Mrs Clinton.

Its going to be a long hot summer.

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Some pictures

Barefields B&W_1488 CastawayBoat in color_1588 Cemetery wall_1567 CemeteryWall_1541 DelancyUPChurch B&W_1490 DelawareCo144th_1485 HilbertAndCogan_1491 HistoricalSocietyGrounds_1532 IMG_1470 IMG_1472 IMG_1514 LuckyDog_1497 LuckyDogFarmStore_1495 NewDelaware_1479 OldTimey_1505 OldTimey_1506 Reflections_1528 RumpledBarn_1487 SchoolBell_1523 SchoolRoomWReflectionofBell_1529 WeirdHorshoe_1507 woodchuck_1538 WoodlandCemeteryB&W_1460 Workshed and feedshed_1575Now that I’ve discovered Black and White settings on my camera!


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